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Great Guy

THE NEW DEATH SHOW (self titled) (1995) the first collection of songs we recorded as a band. 8 songs. michael on guitar and microphone, jeff on guitar, dw on bass, brendan on (sloppy-ass) drums. that's carolyn tedder adjusting her overalls on the cover. sorry, this recording is not available any longer.


THE ROAD TO MEMPHIS (1995) a collection of 7 songs recorded pre and post brendan. dw on drums/bass/guitar, jeff on guitar/bass/drums/trombone, michael on guitar/keyboards/drums/microphone. the girl on the cover is long lost aviza ross on the way back from graceland. no longer available.


THE NEW DEATH SHOW (1996) a collection of 7 songs we released after dw left for college. dw on drums/guitar, jeff on bass/microphone, michael on drums/guitar/harmonica/microphone. that's bernard sumner (of new order) on the cover. this recording is not available any longer.


THE WAY IT IS - RAQUEL (2000) our good friend rachel mcpherson kicked my ass into releasing this 7 song CD when i didn't have the motivation to. i was living in NYC, playing in the subways and writing screenplays (very slowly) when this came out. that's rachel and her cat raquel on the cover. grant loves this album.

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AM RADIO (self titled) (2002) dw started am radio with his buddies sean (guitar) and travis (bass) while attending the School of Visual Arts in NYC. singer/guitarist andrea came along later and they recorded this debut at funhouse studio in NYC by honeymoon killer jerry teel. dw quit the band and moved with me to seattle before it was released. the band is still together but recently changed their name to Icewater Scandal. the cover is a painting by dw.

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LAND! BRAVO (self titled) (2002) dw recorded this 5 song ep during our first winter in seattle. he hand-typed each cover until he realized how much of a bitch it was.


THE NEW DEATH SHOW - DEMO (2003) dw and i recorded these 3 songs during the winter of 2003. we love the sounds on them, but i wish their was more singing. that's us on the cover.
available at performances at no charge.


THE WAY IT IS - IT'S SOMEBODY'S FAULT, BUT NOT MINE (2004) 6 song EP recorded in both NYC and seattle. michael on guitars/keyboards/drums/microphone with andy dibiaso on guitar and david sanchez on drums.

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