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Great Guy


this is grant and may at a burrito place in bellingham. grant is cool. he plays with dw in the shh sha-osh airship as well as many other bands. he has heart. and sometimes a sense of humour (that's british for humor).  


this is our very good friend rachel mcpherson in NYC. she is mad smart and mad funny and sometimes just mad, but we love her alot. she is an artist and a poet although she has yet to send me any of her writings.  


this is brandon's brother, brett. he has his hang-ups, but i like him anyway. and he's always down for ice cream.


this is my very good friend carolyn in denver. i have known her almost the longest. she is tall and beautiful and sometimes alcoholic. no, not really, but she just survived having her eyes lazered so these glasses on her face are not only obsolete but in the fucking trash.


this is my good friend brandon ivey hard at work writing commercials for the brandon ivey show. look at him. the "funny" is just pouring out onto the paper.


another one of brandon as a mime. he was really hard up for cash back then. really hard up.


this is our good friend jen. she is red-headed and lovable and tolerates us practicing in the basement below where she lives. she loves cheese and the BBC and is the slave of a terrifically adorable kiddy cat name of Pie.


one time alice knocked my glasses into lake union. after a few minutes of despair and confusion our good friend grant floated right up in a canoe like a knight in shiny armor. his parents were with him too. we told him the situation and he proceeded to take off almost all his clothes and went into that damn lake to find my glasses. well, don't you know he found those fucking things and only charged me $9 for his services. oh, Lordy, what a friend.

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this is dw's mom and dad. they're really great.